Query Actual Revenues in 2019 - Telecommunications

Under § 34 of the KommAustria Act (KOG, BGBl I No 32/2001 as amended), the telecommunications industry includes those operators/providers of public communications networks/services which are required to report such services under § 15 TKG 2003.

The expenses incurred by RTR’s Telecommunications Division are covered by financing contributions as well as funds from Austria’s federal budget.

Financing contributions are to be calculated and collected on the basis of each operator/provider’s revenues in relation to the overall revenues in the specific industry. All revenues earned in Austria from the provision of telecommunications services are to be included in these calculations.

The guidelines you can find as download under https://www.rtr.at/en/tk/Finanzierung lists the specific revenues which are subject to financing contributions.

In order to settle the accounts for financing contributions in 2019 and to calculate the financing contribution due from your company, we would ask you to report your actual revenues from January 1 through December 31, 2019 by 31.05.2020 at the latest. If we do not receive the necessary data from you by that time, we will assume that you are willing to accept RTR's estimate of your revenues (cf § 34 Par 10 KOG).

Furthermore we draw the attention to the fact that loudly §34 Par 14 KOG the RTR Ltd or the auditors commissioned by it, is to be given by request information and to be granted in reasonable cases and in the necessary magnitude examination in recording and books.

You can submit your actual revenues 2019 electronically via the RTR web site (https://egov.rtr.gv.at).

If a user ID has been sent to you by registered mail (for services to be reported under Art 15 TKG 2003), you can use this ID to log in to the web interface. In order to report your actual revenues, click "Financing contribution" (Finanzierungsbeitrag).

If you do not yet have a user ID, please register as a new user at https://www.rtr.at/en/rtr/eRTRErstanmeldung . We will send you the access data for the web interface after verification of your data, within a few days, by e-mail.

Alternative you can fill out the spreadsheet, which you can find under https://www.rtr.at/en/tk/Finanzierung and return it to us by e-mail (finanzierungsbeitrag@rtr.at) or by fax (+43/1/58058 ext. 9696).