RTR is responsible for the efficient administration of communication parameters, mainly numbers. Following the link you will find an overview of numbering resources available in Austria:

For operators and providers of communication networks and services a separate page for rules of usage is available:

Consumers can find relevant information under the following link (German version only):

Current issues

Amendment of the KEM-V 2009

On October 19th, 2016 the 6. amendment to the Communications Parameters, Fees and Value-Added Services Ordinance 2009 went into force. Changes were made in the following matters:

  • usage of geographic numbers
  • numbers may not be unused for more than 2 years
  • changes in the usage-notification
  • required volume for short numbers with a star
  • new short number for health-service
  • eCall

Details and further information can be found here.

Administration of numbering resources

For the application of numbers a Web-Interface can be used as well as the application form available on the pages for each numbering range.

Used numbers service provider for value-added-services are to be announced to RTR-GmbH..

To find out which numbers are already allocated and which are still available the numbering query can be used.

Porting of mobile numbers

For mobile service operators special information for mobile number portability can be found following the link:

Special communications parameters

RTR-GmbH is also responsible for the administration of special communications parameters. Detailed information can be found following the link:

Position papers

For providers of VoIP-services as well as for the usage of geographic numbers in mobile networks and for private branch exchange systems RTR provides the following information: