Decision of TKK (20.04.2009)

20. 04. 2009
Tele2 Telecommunication GmbH, UPC Austria GmbH, Silver Server GmbH, Telekom Austria AG
Z 5/07, Z 8/07, Z 10/07, Z 11/07, Z 5/08

With decisions dated 20 April 2009, the Telekom-Control-Commission issued with reference to Telekom Austria TA AG partial debundling orders regarding performance owed and suppression of interference (Decision Z 5/07 item 3.1. of the main section, schedule 7), upon applications filed by Tele2 Telecommunication GmbH pursuant to § 50 TKG [Telecommunications Act] 2003, regarding ordering, making available and giving notice of termination of subscriber lines (Decision Z 11/07 schedule 4) and regarding operation of debundled subscriber lines (Decision Z 5/08 schedule 2).

With further decisions of the Telekom-Control-Commission dated 20 April 2009, debundling orders with reference to Telekom Austria TA AG were issued upon applications filed by Silver Server GmbH and UPC Austria GmbH pursuant to § 50 TKG 2003, in the proceedings Z 8/07 and Z 10/07.  

The decisions Z 5/07-303, Z 8/07-289, Z 10/07-277, Z 11/07-263 and Z 5/08-179 are available for download below.