How accurate are the data points?

The location will be determined in the course of the measurement with your device. The localisation is done depending on the capabilties and settings of the device

  • via GPS (in general GNSS, including also Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou) or
  • through an interface included in the client (e.g. browser or operating system API). It uses the network (WLAN or mobile) or the IP address information.

The localisation over GPS is most accurate. The localisation via mobile network provides only rough estimation of the location, whereas localisation via IP address is often very inaccurate.

Localisations with an accuracy of less than 2 km are not shown on the map, points with accuracy less than 10 km are not listed under the details. Therefore activating GPS (if available) is recommended. The accuracy of a specific measurement is available as open data (shown under details and via clicking on a pop-up in the map).

In addition, in the browser, the location can also be determined via a manual address input.