What factors have an effect on the result?

Several factors have a significant influence on the test result. The main ones are:

  • the contractually agreed maximum bandwidth of your mobile Internet access (e.g. speed throttling (download/upload) depending on the chosen tariff and/or after exceeding a specific volume included in the monthly base fee);
  • the bandwidth utilisation of your Internet provider;
  • the device you are testing with;
  • the operating system of the device and its configuration;
  • simultaneous use of the same connection by other users or programs (e.g.filesharing, updates).

If LAN is used:

  • the quality of your LAN router (e.g. NAT throughput).

If WLAN is used:

  • the distance between the WLAN router and your device;
  • the quality of your WLAN router (e.g. supporting 802.11n or 802.11ac).

If mobile services are used:

  • the technology used (EDGE/GSM, UMTS, LTE);
  • the quality of service at your location (signal strength, depending on the device);
  • whether you are inside or outside a building;
  • how fast you are moving (e.g. lower data transmission rates on the motorway or in the train);
  • the number of users sharing the base station with you.