What settings can be selected for statistics output?

Which data are used for the report, depends on the selected settings. By "Type", a distinction is made between "Mobile" (i.e., app in mobile network), "WLAN (App)" (i.e., app in WLAN), and "Browser" (i.e., test is performed in the browser without distinction by type of Internet access). If "Mobile" is selected as the type, another distinction can be made by "Technology" between "2G" (GSM), "3G" (UMTS) and "4G" (LTE). The technology is "Mixed" if a change, e.g. from 3G to 2G, is made during a measurement. It is possible to choose a duration of one day, one week, one month, three months, six months, a year or 2 years. By default, all measurements from 3G mobile networks during the last three months are taken into account.