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Second application date 2012: The Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) awards more than EUR 4.5 million for 18 film projects

The Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) issued positive award decisions for 18 out of 23 television projects submitted at the second application date. The awarded funding of EUR 4,579,402 corresponds to around 18% of overall production costs of all projects und has been distributed among eight television films, one series and nine documentaries.

EUR 506,000 (30% of overall production costs) for the crime story “Steirerblut”

“The new grant guidelines, which entered into force this year, allowed us to award a grant equalling 30% of overall production costs for the first time. We can award this maximum funding percentage for projects with a particularly strong connection to Austria. All relevant awarding criteria were met by the production ‘Steirerblut’, a crime story set in Styria and produced by ALLEGRO Filmproduktion GmbH. This production is Austrian through and through”, said Mr Alfred Gringschl, managing director of RTR’s Media Division and person in charge of the Austrian Television Fund, presenting details on this year’s second award decision date.
Further supported television films are “Helden“ by EPO – Filmproduktionsgesellschaft m.b.H., “Roter Schnee” by MONA Film Produktion GmbH, “Nur ein Schritt” by MAKIDO Filmproduktion GmbH, “Nicht ohne meinen Enkel“ by MR-Film Kurt Mrkwicka Gesellschaft m.b.H., “Spuren des Bösen“ by Aichholzer Filmproduktion GmbH, “Die Schöne und das Biest“ by Metafilm GmbH as well as a further episode of the series “Lilly Schönauer“ produced by Graf Filmproduktion GmbH.

EUR 520,035 awarded for nine documentaries

Nine documentaries, for which applications for grants were submitted at the second application date, received a total of EUR 520,035. The following productions were supported: six episodes of “Aufgetischt” by Satel Film GmbH, “Planet der Spatzen” by Kurt Mayer Film, “Leben im Zoo – Logbuch einer Arche” by Metafilm GmbH, “Raiders – Russische Firmenjäger” by Satel Film GmbH, “Euphoric Nights in Vienna” by MISCHIEF FILMS KEG, four episodes of “Generation Oesterreich” by OTTO PAMMER FILMPRODUKTION, seven episodes of “24 Stunden – Das Unfallkommando” by MABON Film GmbH, “Austropop made in Styria” by CINEVISION TV & Videoproduktion GmbH and six episodes of “Die Burgenländischen Kroaten" by artkicks. DI Helmut Potutschnig.
The second season of the TV-series “Schlawiner” by “Breitbandfilm” Medienproduktion, Design und Verleih GmbH was supported with more than EUR 489,000.
Further information about television film projects supported by FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA is available on RTR’s website at www.fernsehfonds.at.