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Deployer obligations

What obligations do deployers have?

Just like providers, deployers of AI systems are also obliged to ensure that, when using any type of AI system, the staff deployed and other persons entrusted with the AI systems must have a sufficient level of AI literacy (Art. 4 in conjunction with Art. 3 No. 56 AIA).

The infographic summarises the text and describes the operator obligations under the AI Act
The infographic provides an overview of the obligations of deployers of AI systems according to the risk classification © RTR (CC BY 4.0)

High-risk AI systems

The obligations of deployers of high-risk AI systems are regulated in Art. 26 AIA. The following obligations must be complied with:

The following obligations only apply to certain deployers when using specific high-risk AI systems:

AI systems with "limited" risk

Art. 50 AIA lists certain AI systems that pose a limited risk, as the risk can be minimised by means of certain transparency obligations. The following transparency obligations apply to the deployers of the following AI systems:

AI systems with "minimal risk"

There are no mandatory requirements for AI systems with "minimal" risk. Compliance with Code of Practices is encouraged but voluntary.