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Projects & Initiatives

The AI Service Desk is one of several initiatives that support the Austrian AI ecosystem. On this page, we provide an overview of other initiatives that provide information on AI.

AI Strategy

The Austrian AI strategy Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030 (AIM AT 2030) serves as a strategic basis. It defines three specific goals:

  • The aim is to achieve a broad use of AI that is orientated towards the common good and is carried out responsibly on the basis of fundamental and human rights, fundamental European values and the forthcoming European legal framework;
  • Austria should position itself as a centre of research and innovation for artificial intelligence in key areas and fields of strength;
  • The development and use of AI is intended to secure the competitiveness of Austria as a centre of technology and business.

In order to achieve these goals, measures are being developed within specific fields of action. These range from the definition of ethical AI and the development of standards for the provision of infrastructure or data to education and training.


In order to receive support for the development and use of artificial intelligence, organisations from business and research can apply for public funding. They are also supported by the funding pilot ("Förderpilot").

Companies can apply for funding for innovative projects via the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws). In the field of artificial intelligence, there is also the aws AI marketplace.

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) promotes company-related research and development in Austria. This includes innovation projects in the field of AI such as the fAIr  by  design project, which has developed a toolbox for ethical AI and assistance for dealing with ethical issues in the development of AI systems. All funded projects are listed in the FFG project database.

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) provides funding for scientific projects and individual careers. The Research Radar provides an overview of projects funded by the FWF.

The fund for promoting digital transformation contributes to strengthening media companies and their digital offerings, as well as solidifying the central and trustworthy role of the media in a modern democratic society. Measures for transformation and expansion of the digitisation of the media landscape fall under the funding objective "Digital Transformation," which also includes the integration of AI-based tools. Also, in the area of the funding objective "Digital Journalism" and in the training and further education of journalists, engagement with artificial intelligence is promoted.

aws AI Marketplace

The aws AI marketplace lists Austrian companies that develop AI systems or can support other organisations in the implementation of AI systems. In addition to a comprehensive overview of AI use cases the marketplace offers targeted orientation aids on the use of AI in a wide range of business areas.

Organisations interested in the development or use of AI technologies will find comprehensive assistance and personal advice on finding suitable AI solutions and qualified AI providers. By implementing the matching function, the AI marketplace makes it easier to find suitable cooperation partners.

The platform also promotes exchange and collaboration by organising specific AI challenges in which organisations can search for and present targeted solutions to current challenges in the field of artificial intelligence.