Financial contribution

Query of estimated revenues
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Process Planned revenue data

Mid-December: query of planned revenue data
All companies obliged to contribute are requested in writing to disclose the amount of revenue planned for the following year. It is required to report the amount of planned revenue by no later than mid-January.
Late February: planned revenue in the particular industry
Once the planned revenues have been reported, estimates of the expenditure for the particular industry and of the planned revenue in that industry are published on the RTR website. If any company obliged to contribute fails to report planned revenue, RTR makes an estimate.
Mid-March: first or only payment order
The financial contribution is to be paid in four instalments. Where the total annual financial contribution is less than EUR 1,000, a single payment order is issued in the first quarter to simplify administration. In that case RTR credits the company with the interest accrued through early payment.
The first or only payment is due by the end of March.
Mid-June to mid-December: second, third and fourth payment orders
The second, third and fourth payments are due at the end of each quarter.

© Rudolf Horaczek – Werbeagentur

Process Actual revenue data

Early May: query of actual revenue data
All companies obliged to contribute are requested to disclose their actual revenue data for the past year. The actual revenue must be reported by no later than the end of May.
Mid-September: provisional statement of accounts
Based on the reports received of actual revenue and on the estimates made for companies not reporting actual revenue, RTR calculates and publishes the actual amounts of revenue achieved in the past business year by the companies obliged to contribute. The companies obliged to contribute are requested to review their revenue reports and estimates once again and to comment on the public figures.
Late September: actual revenue in the particular industry
Any revised revenue reports are taken into account, resulting in the actual revenue achieved in the particular industry. This figure, along with RTR’s expenses during the previous business year, are published on the website.
Mid-October: Final financial contribution statements
The actual financial contribution is listed opposite the planned figure for each company. If the actual financial contribution is higher than the planned amount, a payment order for the difference is issued; similarly, any surplus payment is credited.

If you require additional details, please write to us at finanzierungsbeitrag@rtr.at