RTR is funded from a combination of sources. Market participants provide contributions (see financial contribution) and public funding is also received. Contributions from market participants are not used to finance all of RTR’s tasks and activities, however, but only for the areas specified under Section 4 of the KommAustria Act (KOG), which specifies the financing of activities.

Several funds have been established under RTR’s Media Division: the Digitisation Fund, the Austrian Television Fund, the Private Broadcasting Fund and the Non-Commercial Broadcasting Fund. These funds, as well as the supervisory body for trust services under the Telecommunications and Postal Services Division, receive funding exclusively from public sources.

The Media Division receives EUR 2.3 million in federal government funding each year for the fulfilment of its regulatory responsibilities. The market participants who are obliged to contribute to this budget provide a maximum of EUR 3.5 million. To fund activities pursuant to the Communications Platforms Act (KoPl-G), the Media Division receives EUR 80,000 annually from the federal budget, while the compulsory contribution by the market is limited to EUR 160,000. For activities relating to video-sharing platforms, the Media Division receives EUR 65,000 annually from the federal budget; market participants under obligation to contribute provide a maximum of EUR 130,000.

The Telecommunications and Postal Services Division receives EUR 2.14 million in federal funds per year for Telecommunications Regulation and EUR 0.20 million in federal funds per year for Postal Regulation. Parties subject to the financial contribution requirement provide additional financing of up to EUR 6.00 million (telecommunications sector) respectively up to EUR 0.55 million (postal sector) to cover that division's expenses.

Federal funding will be adjusted annually to reflect the development of the consumer price index.

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