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Regulatory authority approves change in A1 ownership structure

In its meeting of 16 June 2014 the Telekom-Control-Kommission (TKK) approved the change in the ownership structure of A1 Telekom Austria AG, resulting from the conclusion of a syndicate agreement between Carso Telecom B.V. and Österreichische Industrieholding AG (Austrian industry holding stock corporation).

Under the Telecommunications Act changes in the ownership structure of mobile operators are also subject to the approval of the TKK, in addition to falling under the responsibilities of the competition authorities. The competence of the TKK is based on frequency usage rights (UMTS frequencies) assigned to A1 Telekom Austria AG by the regulatory authority within the framework of procedures. The evaluation refers to technical aspects as well as possible effects on competition.

Syndicate agreement: No significant effects on competition

“In the present case the review has shown that the change in the ownership structure does not have any technical consequences, as the usage conditions in respect of the assigned frequencies remain unchanged. Also, competition will not be impaired because there is no entanglement with other national competitors“, said Johannes Gungl, CEO Telecommunications and Postal Services Division at RTR, explaining the decision of the TKK.

The decision (in German) of the regulatory authority is available at the following link: