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Telecommunications and postal services

General terms and conditions / fees (AGB)

Liste of general terms and conditions/fees

General Authorization

List of services to be reported of telecom and postal services

ECG Liste

RTR-GmbH maintains a list in which people and companies can register free of charge who do not want to receive advertising e-mails.

Market Data

Interested in broadband deployment, internet usage or the amount of parcels delivered in Austria? Find all our publications about telecommunications and postal markets in Austria here.


The RTR-NetTest informs users about the current service quality of their Internet connection.

Number request

Numbers can be requested by communications service providers which have notified RTR of a communications service

Number query

Use our number query to find allocation holders of all Austrian phone numbers

Conciliation body for postal services

As the conciliation body, we can help you when facing issues related to parcel delivery issues, parcel loss, parcel damage or other postal services.

Conciliation body for telecommunication services

As the conciliation body, we can help you when facing issues related to phone, internet or radio and television service providers (e.g. cable network operators and pay-TV subscription providers). Examples of such issues include unclear items in a phone bill or when phone or internet services do not function properly.

Signature verification

Here you can verification electronic signatures


Central information point for broadband supply: The directory includes the current and future planned distribution of telecommunication networks - fixed and mobile networks - as well as information on bandwidths, technologies and active connections and is intended to outline the current broadband supply in Austria.


Central information point for infrastructure data and construction projects: The directory of all existing infrastructures that can be used for telecommunication purposes as well as planned construction projects should support both cross-sector sharing and laying of telecommunication infrastructures. 


The Central Number Database is a central reference database for all Austrian telephone numbers. In this database, both the current provider of the communications service and the current operator of the network can be seen for each Austrian telephone number on a daily basis.

RTR services


As a modern service institution RTR makes it possible to conduct official business with the regulatory authority unbureaucratically.

Legal regulations

This page provides information on Austrian and European law, directives and regulations.

Open data

RTR publishes data in electronically processable form.

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