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RTR-GmbH provides information on the status of the “Digital dividend study“

In December 2009 RTR-GmbH commissioned a study to evaluate the potential uses of the digital dividend in Austria from an economic perspective and to develop recommended actions for political decision-makers. The Hamburg-based consortium AB Consulting (Arne Börnsen)/Infront Consulting & Management GmbH” (ARGE ABI) was commissioned with preparation of the study.

Study not yet completed in detail

The study authors will present a draft version of the study to RTR tomorrow. „We are expecting the final version of the study to be available in about two or three weeks. We will then forward the final version to the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and to the Federal Chancellery immediately,“ Georg Serentschy, Managing Director of RTR's Telecommunications Division, commented the current status of the study.

Upon receiving the study and evaluating it in detail, the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Federal Chancellery will take a decision on the publication of any details of the study and announce a timetable for deciding on the digital dividend.

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