RTR-NetTest Statistics Information

Based on the selection, the statistic displays the Austrian fixed and mobile network operators. The following cases should be distinguished:

  • If the type "Mobile" is selected, the Austrian mobile network operators are listed (i.e., different trademarks are assigned to the same mobile network operator).
  • If the type "WLAN (App)" or "Browser" is selected, the Austrian network operators are listed. In certain cases it is possible that the listed item is atually not a network operator but an autonomous system.

In the case of mergers and demergers the original network operator name is marked by the suffix "(alt)" (meaning old).

Measurements abroad as well as measurements of foreign customers in Austria are not taken into account.
The aim of the RTR-NetTest is not to produce a ranking of the fastest and/or most popular Internet providers, but rather to provide comprehensive information to users about the quality of their Internet connection.
The number of tests, which are allocated to one specific operator, does not reflect the number of customers of this operator.
Further information can be found under Help.