Why should I test my connection?

  • The available bandwidth is a significant quality feature of your Internet access. The RTR-NetTest offers you the opportunity to check whether your current bandwidth (download, upload, ping) meets your expectations.
  • In the mobile version of the RTR-NetTest also the signal strength (depending on your device) of your connection is tested.
  • There is an additional option to compare your test results with the average values of other users.
  • Additionally in the current mobile versions (Android, iOS) certain quality parameters can be tested as well (see QoS).
  • The mobile versions as well as the browser version of the RTR-NetTest offer the possibility to perform automatic test repetitions (loop mode).
  • The browser version of the RTR-NetTest offers the possibility to carry out a certified measurement. This can provide conclusive findings about the quality of Internet access.
  • Your test results are also helpful for other users.