WLL 26 GHz (2001) Auction procedure

All of the frequency packages were auctioned off in the course of a simultaneous, multiple-round procedure. Each bid was placed for a specific frequency package. Within the limits set forth in the Rules of Activity and within the scope of their bidding entitlement, bidders were generally free to choose the frequency packages on which they placed active bids. A bidder was considered to be bidding actively on a frequency package when s/he held the standing high bid from the previous round or submitted a valid bid in the current round for that package. Bids were considered valid when they exceeded the standing high bid from the previous round by at least the minimum bid increment. If no standing high bid was submitted, the opening bid was also considered a valid bid. The minimum bid increment was set by the auctioneer at the beginning of each round. The auction procedure was divided into several phases with varying minimum activity provisions. The auction procedure came to an end when no valid bid was submitted for any of the frequency packages in a given round of the last phase of the auction. If no valid bids were submitted in an earlier phase of the auction, the auctioneer was obliged to continue the procedure by moving on to the next phase, or to end the procedure immediately. From the 50th round onward, the auctioneer furthermore reserved the right to announce that the auction was to end after three final rounds. The frequency packages were allocated to the high bidders in accordance with their respective standing high bids.
The Rules of Procedure for this auction can be downloaded below.