Multiband Auction 800/900/1800 MHz (2013) - Specific coverage obligation 800 MHz

Operators in 800 MHz spectrum have to meet the following coverage obligations:

  • 25% POP coverage outdoor within 3 years using 800 MHz spectrum
  • 95% POP coverage outdoor within 3 years using any assigned spectrum
  • specific obligation, see the following table:
Operator Bandwidth Downlink Uplink
A1 Telekom Austria AG 2 x 20 MHz 791-811 MHz 832-852 MHz
T-Mobile Austria GmbH 2 x 10 MHz 811-821 MHz 852-862 MHz

The specific obligations are to be reached within 1.5 years (dates in brackets) respectively within 3 years. A community is covered if 90% of population are covered outdoor and 50% indoor.
The following figure shows the communities according to appendix H (297 communities) respectively appendix I (244 communities):

Cov800 large
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This figure and the cov800 KML file are for illustration only, relevant are only those coverages obligations which are included in the decsion.