Multiband Auction 800/900/1800 MHz (2013) - Auction Procedure

Paired frequency blocks in the 800 MHz, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands will be auctioned off in several categories each. The auction procedure will be carried out in the form of a combinatorial clock auction.

Auction procedure
The procedure consists of:

  • a pre-auction, in which the frequencies reserved for potential new entrants in the 800 MHz band are awarded as an abstract frequency block;
  • a main auction, consisting of a principal stage during which the number of frequency blocks is determined that each successful bidder will receive in each of the categories available to all bidders; and
  • the assignment stage, in which the actual frequency blocks are allocated to the winners of the pre-auction and the principal stage.

Simulation tool
The regulatory authority will provide each (potential) applicant with access to a simulation tool for the purpose of verifying the procedures for determining winning bids and prices. For this purpose, applicants will be able to send an Excel file containing bids to a Web-based interface. The simulation tool will then determine the winning bidders and the respective winning combinations and prices to be paid. Applicants will be provided with a description as well as a sample file for the simulation tool.
Once the tender submission period has ended, the regulatory authority will provide each bidder with free access to this simulation tool. As early as of May 2013, the regulatory authority provides access to the simulation tool for a EUR 3,000 fee. 
The simulation tool will not be available during the auction.

Training session for bidders
The regulatory authority will offer a training session for bidders in mid-July 2013. For making an appointment please send an e-mail to the regulatory authority ( after you have submitted your application.