Spectrum 26 GHz

The 26 GHz mobile radio band is intended for 5G as NR-band n258. It ranges from 24,250 to 27,500 MHz.

The consultation for the spectrum release plan in 2021 included this frequency band.

End of August 2019 another consultation regarding this frequency range ended. The results of the consultation are available here. This procedure did not identify a clear demand for these frequencies at the time of the consultation, the regulatory authority decided not  to award the band in the near future.

In 2016 the RSPG identified the 26 GHz band as European 5G pioneer band.

On April 24th, 2020 the 26 GHz Decision (EU) 2020/590 was adopted.

The following graphic gives an overview of the frequency blocks:

Frequenzband 26000
© CC BY-SA 4.0 Das 26 GHz Band (Quelle: ECC/DEC/(18)06, Abb.1)

Within the 26 GHz mobile radio band there are radio relay bands.

The sub band 26.500 MHz to 27.500 MHz (bandwidth 1 GHz) overlaps with the 28 GHz band (NR band n267).

26Ghz vs. 28Ghz Band
© 26/28 GHz Band (CC BY-SA 4.0)