Spectrum 26 GHz

The 26 GHz band is intended for 5G as NR-band n258. It ranges from 24,250 to 27,500 MHz:

Spectrum 26GHz
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In the Frequency Usage Ordinance 2013 three subbands have been designated as ECS-bands and thus left to be managed by the regulatory authority. In the ZaBE-V 2023 (BGBl II 138/2023) ordinance it was determined which subbands are limited in number. In addition, the Auswahl-V 2023(BGBl. II Nr. 186/2023) ordinance specified which subbands are to be allocated in a competitive selection procedure:

  • 24.3 GHz - 24.9 GHz (26 GHz, lower subband; not limited in number)
  • 25.5 GHz - 25.9 GHz (26 GHz, middle subband; limited in number, competetive selection procedure)
  • 26.5 GHz - 27.5 GHz (26 GHz, upper subband; limited in number, competetive selection procedure)

For the middle and upper subband the auctionprocedure for 26 GHz and remaining frequencies of the 3600 MHz band is currently being prepared. The lower subband ist designated for local usage.

In 2016 the RSPG identified the 26 GHz band as European 5G pioneer band. On April 24th, 2020 the European Commission decided on an implementing decision (EU) 2020/590) regarding the 26 GHz band.