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    Telekom Austria TA AG (company subjected to obligations)
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    M 1/07

M 1/07 - Telekom Austria TA AG (company subjected to obligations)

After initiating Procedure M 1/07 ex officio, the Telekom Control Commission unanimously passed an official decision to impose specific obligations on Telekom Austria TA AG in the authority's session on July 4, 2008. The decision can be downloaded below.

The decision mainly focused on examining the competitive conditions on the wholesale market for broadband access.  

Telekom Austria TA AG was subjected to extensive obligations on part of the market in question, specifically in Category 2 areas (rural areas).  

These obligations include an access requirement; a non-discrimination obligation, including the obligation to provide a reference offer; "retail minus" based price regulation; and the obligation to maintain accounting separation.

In Category 1 areas (densely populated areas), Telekom Austria TA AG was only subjected to the obligation to maintain accounting separation. 

The procedure involved Telekom Austria TA AG (i.e., the company directly affected by the decision) as well as its current and potential competitors. Of more than 500 parties to the procedure, only the 38 telecommunications operators listed below received a material decision due to the legally ordered preclusion of the right to submit comments and opinions.

ACW Netzwerk Produkte und Dienste GmbH, Aicall Telekommunikations-Dienstleistungs GmbH, ASAK Kabelmedien GmbH, B.Net Burgenland Telekom GmbH, BBI Breitbandinfrastruktur GmbH, Betamax GmbH & Co. KG, Colt Telecom Austria GmbH, Comteam IT Solutions, Dipl. Ernst Kern GmbH & Co. KG, Empirion Telekommunikations Services GmbH, Energie AG Oberösterreich Data GmbH, funkinternet.at GmbH, Multimedia One GmbH, HEDAB Verwaltungsges. m.b.H., Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH, i3B Internetbreitbandbetriebs GmbH, Internet-Lösungen und Dienstleistungen - RIS GmbH, JM-DATA GmbH, KAPPER NETWORK-COMMUNICATIONS GmbH, KT-Net Communications GmbH, Tele2 Telecommunication GmbH, LinzNet Internet Service Provider GmbH, Liwest Kabelmedien GmbH, Mmc kommunikationstechnologie GmbH, mobilkom austria Aktiengesellschaft, Multikom Austria GmbH, Net4you Internet GmbH, Silver Server GmbH, Speednet Betriebs GmbH, Stadtwerke Hall in Tirol GmbH, Stadtwerke Wörgl, Technix Telekom GmbH, Telekom Austria TA AG, Teleport Consulting- und Systemmanagement GmbH, T-Mobile Austria GmbH, UPC Austria GmbH, Verizon Austria GmbH and WVNET Information und Kommunikation GmbH.

This decision was annuled by the Austrian Administrative High Court in its decision from 17.12.2008.

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