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    Luca Aguzzoni, Benno Buehler and Luca Di Martile (European Commission, DG Competition), Georg Ecker and Anton Schwarz (RTR), Ron Kemp and Robert Stil (ACM)

Ex-post analysis of two mobile telecom mergers: T-Mobile/tele.ring in Austria and T-Mobile/Orange in the Netherlands

The present study measures the price effects of two mobile market mergers (T-Mobile/tele.ring in Austria in 2006 and T-Mobile/Orange in the Netherlands in 2007). It is part of a pilot project by the European Commission, which aims at developing methods for the ex-post evaluation of mergers.

The study was prepared by members of staff of RTR, ACM – the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets – and of the Chief Economist Team of the European Commission’s DG Competition and was assessed by two independent experts (see Assessments by Eugenio Miravete und Matthew Weinberg).

The method developed in the course of the study can be applied to evaluate recent or future mergers.

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