Revenue and traffic figures for mobile communications (revenues in EUR)

Revenues in mobile communicationsNumber of call minutesNumber of call minutes
4th quarter 2004 891.232.0902.828.255.379397.314.954
1st quarter 2005927.976.9092.834.229.492392.586.110
2nd quarter 2005908.325.2233.014.627.810385.067.153
3rd quarter 2005946.953.2062.913.709.656396.988.423
4th quarter 2005940.626.2173.175.758.818433.420.739
1st quarter 2006944.870.7743.247.260.777455.414.418
2nd quarter 2006922.610.4613.342.189.935482.276.604
3rd quarter 2006946.146.0523.358.567.036505.287.608
4th quarter 2006905.153.3173.780.409.360615.821.487
1st quarter 2007916.288.5903.956.269.513708.167.049
2nd quarter 2007898.418.2144.171.338.531771.091.973
3rd quarter 2007895.192.5674.225.503.615785.880.493

Subscriber and porting data for mobile communication|

Total number of
activated subscriber numbers
Number of mobile subscribers
ported to communication
service providers
4th quarter 20047.991.17014.040
1st quarter 20058.085.37324.793
2nd quarter 20058.249.59442.852
3rd quarter 20058.560.81367.364
4th quarter 20058.647.953100.170
1st quarter 20068.744.430126.784
2nd quarter 20068.843.126147.991
3rd quarter 20069.095.456181.154
4th quarter 20069.254.265216.530
1st quarter 20079.316.534243.087
2nd quarter 20079.421.155265.785
3rd quarter 20079.617.503292.315

Number of activated SIM cards

4th quarter 20047.669.739322.300
1st quarter 20057.575.664510.544
2nd quarter 20057.660.584589.855
3rd quarter 20057.890.666671.643
4th quarter 20057.748.109901.812
1st quarter 20067.609.1061.138.255
2nd quarter 20067.663.3371.178.950
3rd quarter 20067.704.9871.390.983
4th quarter 20067.585.4791.671.459
1st quarter 20077.438.7211.877.831
2nd quarter 20077.306.9052.114.267
3rd quarter 20077.342.2932.275.226

Due to changes in the population (based on the current Operators Survey) and subsequent corrections in data reported by several operators, previously published data values have been modified.

Data from Q4/2007 onward can be found in the RTR Telecom Monitor.