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RTR-NetTest – now also available for iPhone and iPad

“The RTR-NetTest, which we already introduced for Android devices in May, is now also available for Apple iPhones and iPads“, Mr. Georg Serentschy, CEO of RTR’s Telecommunications and Postal Services division said. “The RTR-NetTest allows users to test the data rate and quality of their internet connections - both mobile and fixed-line - anytime and anywhere. We hope to strengthen consumers’ sensibility for - and knowledge of - the essential parameters of internet access” Mr. Serentschy elaborates, explaining the motivation behind the development of the tool.

How good is your internet connection? Find out with the RTR-NetTest

The RTR-NetTest, which is available at www.netztest.at/en/, provides users with an easy-to-use tool that verifies the current service quality of their internet connection (upload and download speed, ping, signal strength, among others).
It also offers comprehensive help features such as FAQs and a statistics function with various filter options; by means of the comparison of results, users get a quick and accurate picture of the quality of the internet connection in various locations or via the nets of various internet providers.
 “The test can be of great help for people who want to learn more about the quality of their internet connection”, Mr. Serentschy said, encouraging the use of the RTR-NetTest.
The RTR-NetTest App is available for download from the Google Play Store for Android users; the new version for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad is available in the iTunes App Store. For further information please also see www.netztest.at/en/.

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