Can the tests be repeated automatically?

Yes, the loop mode allows you to automatically repeat the RTR-NetTest.

The loop mode for a browser can be started under

The first test will start immediately after the loop mode has been initiated. Further tests will be started after either

  • the waiting time  has elapsed or
  • the configured distance (only available for Android and iOS app)

has been covered. Tests will be performed until the configured number of tests has been reached. The loop mode is automatically terminated after 2 days. The loop mode can be stopped at any time.

  • Please note that the loop mode consumes a huge amount of data. With high-speed connections 10 tests can consume 1 GB or more. Therefore it is highly recommended to run the loop mode only with a true flat rate tariff where additional traffic does not generate additional costs.
  • When using mobile devices the loop mode consumes a lot of battery power. Between the loop tests with the RTR-NetTest app, the loop mode keeps GPS and the display active, thus the battery is drained much faster than in standby mode. In addition, tests also consume power. Therefore the loop mode should be used only if an external power supply is available.
  • The energy saving setting of the device can affect the loop mode and prevent the execution of tests.
  • In the case of high demand or a high number of tests in a specific area, loop mode tests may be rejected by the test system in order to avoid overload. Please note that for the compilation of statistics, repeated tests are generally filtered. It should be further noted that the loop mode is intended (only) for usage within the EU and EFTA states.
  • It needs to be explicitly pointed out that due to the loop mode it cannot be excluded that the tester is identified.