What data volumes are used during a test?

The data volume used varies depending on the bandwidth of your Internet connection. The RTR-NetTest tests the download and upload capacity of your Internet connection for about 20 seconds. The RTR-NetTest transmits the maximum possible data volume in this time. Depending on the available bandwidth of your connection this can result in increased data use.

  • At a bandwidth of 20 Mbps a single test generates a data volume of about 50 MB.
  • With fast Internet connections the RTR-NetTest uses much bigger data volumes, e.g. with a symmetrical 1 Gbps connection the data volume used is about 2.50 Gbytes.
  • In the loop mode or with the certified measurement, the data volume multiplies according to the number of measurements made.

Please note that data traffic can result in very high costs depending on your tariff.