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General Authorization

The Telecommunications Act 2021 provides for obligations in various areas for companies active in the field of electronic communications. Among other things, there is a notification obligation for providers and operators of public communications networks or providers of communications services to RTR.

Statutory provisions  

§ 6 TKG 2021 stipulates that the intended provision of a public communications network or service as well as its modification and discontinuation must be notified to the regulatory authority prior to the start of operation, modification or discontinuation. Pursuant to § 6 (2) TKG 2021, the notification must be submitted electronically via the eRTR portal provided by RTR and must contain the following information in particular:

  • Name of the company
  • if applicable, legal form and company register number of the enterprise
  • the geographical address of the principal place of business and of any secondary place of business in a Member State of the European Union
  • the address of the company's website related to the provision of the activity
  • a contact person and contact details
  • a brief description of the networks or services to be provided
  • the Member States of the European Union concerned
  • the expected date of commencement, modification or cessation of the activity

The regulatory authority shall issue a confirmation of notification within one week of receipt of the complete notification. This confirmation shall also refer to the rights and obligations arising from the TKG 2021. If, on the basis of the complete notification submitted, the regulatory authority has reason to assume that a public communications network is not being operated/provided or that a communications service is being offered, it shall inform the notifying party accordingly within one week and conduct further investigations. If the further investigation reveals that no operation/provision of a public communications network or provision of a communications service is involved, a declaratory decision shall be issued or the proceedings shall be discontinued within four weeks of receipt of the complete notification, if the party so requests. Otherwise, a confirmation pursuant to § 6 (3) TKG 2021 shall be issued.

Formal aspects of notification 

A web interface (eRTR portal) is available for notifications under § 6 TKG 2021 (initial notification, changes/termination of a network/service). In order to simplify contact between the authority and the operators or providers, all notifications are to be made via the eRTR portal.

The transmission of data in the eRTR portal is encrypted using a server certificate. 

Notification for the service categories of call shop and internet café    

We provide an online form on our website which you can use to register. Please enter your company name, address, legal form and the service you offer. After submitting this form, RTR will check it. The notification must be accompanied by an excerpt from the Companies Register, an excerpt from the Trade Register or, for persons not listed in any register, a copy of an Austrian photo ID (registration form for call shops/Internet cafes).

Notification procedures for other internet or voice services

A prerequisite for using the eRTR portal is that the company must register in order to obtain the user ID for the company. For this purpose, the corresponding form must be filled out. This registration must include the company name, address, legal form and a representative of the company (natural person, law firm, etc.).  

After the electronic transmission of the data to the regulatory authority, the representative's power of representation is checked. The power of representation can be derived from the company register (in this case a reference to it is sufficient), or there is a power of attorney. This must be enclosed as an attachment. In addition, a password must be selected, which will be linked to the account when the form is submitted. After the corresponding check has been positively completed, the user ID will be sent to the specified e-mail address of the named representative. The authorised representative of the company can then use the eRTR portal with the user ID and password.

There, the owner of the user ID can create additional users for the company (by assigning a password and user ID) or revoke user authorisations assigned by him. User administration for the respective company is the responsibility of the user(s) of the company itself.

Information entered in the web interface is transmitted under encryption using a server certificate. If you encounter any difficulty viewing the form, install the certificate of the supervisory authority for electronic signatures ( as well as the certification service provider’s certificate (

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