2600 MHz (2010) Rules of Procedure

Paired and unpaired frequency blocks in the 2.6 GHz spectrum will be auctioned off.

Rules of Procedure
The combinatorial clock auction will consist of two separate auctions. In the first stage, known as the principal stage, abstract frequency blocks will be auctioned off in different categories (e.g. paired and unpaired abstract frequency blocks). The principal stage will serve to determine how many abstract frequency blocks each winning bidder receives in each category. In the second stage, known as the assignment stage, the actual frequency blocks will be assigned.

Simulation Tool
After the end of the application period each applicant will be granted access to a simulation tool to verify winner and price determination. Using a web-interface an Excel-spread-sheet with bids can be submitted. The software will then determine the successful bidders and the wining combination and the prices to be paid.
The simulation-tool will be available from July 12, 2010 16h00 until September 10 15h00.
The legally non-binding web-version of the Rules of Procedure according to article 55 par. 9 TKG2003 can be downloaded below.