WLL 26 GHz (2001) Spectrum

Five frequency packages were auctioned off for each of 6 regions in Austria. Each frequency package consisted of multiple duplex frequency channels (2 x 28 MHz each) in the 26 GHz band. The division of regions is illustrated in the figure below.

26ghz Regionen
© RTR (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The duplex frequency channels which were auctioned off are in the 24.549-25.053 GHz (lower band) and 25.557-26.061 GHz (upper band) frequency ranges. Certain sections of this frequency band serve as guard channels between operators and were therefore not allocated to applicants.

Frequency Package Bandwidth Number of Duplex Channels
A 2x56 MHz 2
B 2x56 MHz 2
C 2x84 MHz 3
D 2x84 MHz 3
E 2x112 MHz 4

The frequencies were auctioned off in the form of specific frequency packages.