5G frequency award 3.4-3.8 GHz - spectrum

The frequency band is depicted in the following figure:


Frequency band 3410-3800 MHz
Frequency band 3410-3800 MHz

The sub-band 3600-3800 MHz (LTE volume 43) can be used from the date of the frequency allocation decision decision, the sub-band 3410-3600 MHz (LTE band 42) can be used from 1.1.2020 when the current frequency assignment has expired.

In the auction, 39 frequency blocks (L01 to L39) each with 10 MHz will be awarded in the following 12 regions.

The regions are shown in the following figure:


The following table describes the regions:

RegionID Regionname Description
A01u Region 1 urban Vienna+, St. Pölten
A01r Region 1 rural Vienna, Burgenland and Lower Austria NÖ except A01u
A02u Region 2 urban Linz+, Wels+
A02r Region 2 rural Upper Austria except A02u
A03u Region 3 urban City of Salzburg+
A03r Region 3 rural Salzburg except A03u
A04u Region 4 urban Innsbruck+, Bregenz+
A04r Region 4 rural North Tyrol and Vorarlberg except A04u
A05u Region 5 urban Villach, Klagenfurt
A05r Region 5 rural East Tyrol and Kärnten except A05u
A06u Region 6 urban Graz+
A06r Region 6 rural Styria except A06u

For some urban regions, additional adjoining communities were included. Those urban regions are indicated in the table by a plus sign. The detailed list of municipalities per region can be found in Annex G to the tender documents.