How do I interpret the test results correctly?

A measurement represents a snapshot of the quality of your Internet access. If  test results derivate from advertised speeds, this does not necessarily mean that your Internet provider is not fulfilling the contractual agreement.

  • Despite the good Internet connection to the test server, it can happen that the test server or the connection to the test server is overloaded.
  • When interpreting the test results, you should bear in mind that while a (quite high) maximum bandwidth is mentioned in advertising campaigns by most of the providers, a much lower bandwidth is contractually guaranteed.
  • Furthermore it has to be taken into consideration that the maximum bandwidth according to the contract (down- / upload) may have an impact on the test result ("traffic-light" representation and map view).
  • Typically, the data connection is contractually limited to a certain speed ("up to" speed). Operators have the technical ability to remove such a limitation for individual IP addresses. This can affect the RTR-NetTest servers for example.  In some cases this may lead to higher measurement results than normally possible.