Data from Q4/2007 onward can be found in the RTR Telecom Monitor.

Revenues from access services for public voice telephony at fixed locations (EUR)

residential customersbusiness customers
4th quarter 2004104.236.66751.269.779
1st quarter 2005102.387.88952.507.976
2nd quarter 2005101.227.56252.340.016
3rd quarter 2005101.335.47551.838.441
4th quarter 200598.823.33452.014.956
1st quarter 200698.862.18651.965.848
2nd quarter 200697.340.88351.026.604
3rd quarter 200696.621.56350.145.736
4th quarter 200695.338.64150.043.507
1st quarter 200791.675.63351.685.322
2nd quarter 200789.235.12051.522.295
3rd quarter 200786.433.08850.961.173

Revenues from connection charges for calls using the public telephone network at fixed locations (EUR)

residential customersbusiness customers
4th quarter 2004113.170.07896.322.314
1st quarter 2005107.302.98795.526.288
2nd quarter 200598.387.43293.268.777
3rd quarter 200594.008.64889.251.851
4th quarter 200598.367.730
1st quarter 200697.030.39193.281.830
2nd quarter 200688.944.75886.768.638
3rd quarter 200686.666.05685.558.448
4th quarter 200687.023.51384.979.563
1st quarter 200778.312.47584.651.923
2nd quarter 200770.838.53480.059.831
3rd quarter 200767.333.60977.463.078

Total termination revenues: Total revenues from local unbundled termination and bundled termination including transit (EUR)

total termination revenues
4th quarter 200416.484.903
1st quarter 200517.442.819
2nd quarter 200516.292.864
3rd quarter 200515.355.487
4th quarter 200518.240.891
1st quarter 200617.238.121
2nd quarter 200616.161.135
3rd quarter 200616.296.518
4th quarter 200617.138.109
1st quarter 200717.629.030
2nd quarter 200717.182.278
3rd quarter 200716.730.265

 number of linesnumber of
geographic numbers
number of
numbers ported
number of
service numbers
residential customers and business customers
4th quarter 20043.048.2533.087.20039.5764.743
1st quarter 20053.021.0743.207.502
2nd quarter 20053.000.8333.220.10557.0425.732
3rd quarter 20052.976.3893.232.73160.8067.817
4th quarter 20052.963.8793.239.27273.0068.008
1st quarter 20062.948.5133.244.24284.9729.225
2nd quarter 20062.920.0543.229.85892.63910.577
3rd quarter 20062.916.2863.210.963104.45911.314
4th quarter 20062.881.8683.202.694124.19911.154
1st quarter 20072.843.6143.151.737141.33712.202
2nd quarter 20072.803.6663.088.77154.60612.609
3rd quarter 20072.768.8623.036.419161.25212.567

Due to changes in the population (based on the current Operators Survey) and subsequent corrections in data reported by several operators, previously published data values have been modified.