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Monitoring of digital communications platforms and gatekeepers of the open Internet: Executive Summary

Methodological document on monitoring of digital platforms and gatekeepers

The study Monitoring of digital communication platforms and gatekeepers of the open Internet by the Telecommunications and Postal Services Division of RTR-GmbH presents an approach for measuring and assessing the market power of digital platforms and ecosystems, with the aim of providing a structured methodology for describing competitive dimensions and thereby a basis for future competition analyses. This methodological document facilitates a preliminary assessment of actors in the digital economy with regard to essential aspects and possible adverse economic effects. 

A review of this study is planned for the end of 2020 and will take into account the results of a study on gatekeepers commissioned by the European Commission (to be published by autumn), in addition to the experiences gained in the application to specific platforms and gatekeepers in the course of our own upcoming study.

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