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Market data

RTR regularly publishes data on the regulated markets in Austria in the form of four monitors.

The Telecom Monitor is published on a quarterly basis and presents data from the KEV data query.  

The quarterly published Internet Monitor contains data from the KEV, the RTR-NetTest and indices on broadband prices based on quarterly market research. 

The Post Monitor (published on a quarterly basis) draws on data from the PEV data query. 

Twice a year, data from the Roaming data query is published in the Roaming Monitor

Data collected for the KEV, PEV and RTR-NetTest are available as Open Data

Recent publications on Austrian telecommunications and postal markets

RTR Post Monitor Q2-2020

RTR Internet Monitor Q2-2020

RTR Telecom Monitor Q2-2020

RTR Post Monitor Annual Report 2019

RTR Roaming Monitor 2/2020

RTR Roaming Monitor 1/2020

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