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Market data

RTR regularly publishes data on the regulated markets in Austria in the form of four monitors.

The Telecom Monitor is published on a quarterly basis and presents data from the KEV data query.  

The quarterly published Internet Monitor contains data from the KEV, the RTR-NetTest and indices on broadband prices based on quarterly market research. A dedicated chapter contains data on broadband supply in Austria based on data collected through the ZIB

The Post Monitor (published on a quarterly basis) draws on data from the PEV data query. 

Twice a year, data from the Roaming data query is published in the Roaming Monitor

Data collected for the KEV, PEV and RTR-NetTest are available as Open Data

Recent publications on Austrian telecommunications and postal markets

RTR Post Monitor Annual Report 2020

RTR Internet Monitor Annual Report 2020

RTR Telekom Monitor Annual Report 2020

RTR Post Monitor Q1-2021

RTR Post Monitor Q3-2020

RTR Post Monitor Q2-2020

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