What is important to know when using the app?

You should bear in mind the following points when using the mobile version of the RTR-NetTest:

  • If you do not have a tariff with inclusive data volume, use the RTR-NetTest only on a WLAN connection. Do not use a mobile connection for testing because this can incur high costs. Your data use can increase sharply if you run the test several times.
  • Certain factors (like time of day, location, signal strength, etc.) have a bigger influence on the test result in mobile networks than in fixed line networks.
  • If you have used up your monthly data volume, depending on your tariff, either your data transmission speed can be throttled or high costs may be incurred. You can query on your mobile provider’s customer website what kind of tariff you have and what data volume you can still use in your current billing period.
  • If you want to uninstall the app and wish to show its history on another device, you should synchronize its history before uninstalling.