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Security and integrity of networks and services

The regulatory authority has a key role to play in ensuring the security and integrity of networks and services in Austria. Cybersecurity has become a major issue for communications network operators and communications service providers, not least since the recent debates on the security of 5G networks. As digitization advances, telecom infrastructure and its related services are becoming increasingly important to the functioning of our society today. In this respect, it is only conclusive that the regulatory authority also focuses on network security.

These pages provide an overview of the agency's current activities at national and international level. It also provides information on the risk analyzes carried out to date under the guidance of RTR and on the various measures and notification obligations that are the responsibility of the regulatory authority.

Current Activities

Risk Assessments

Notification of incidents with significant impact

Measures to ensure the Security and Integrity of Networks and Services

Notifications of personal data breaches

Data Security Measures

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