Spectrum 1500 MHz

The 1500 MHz band consists of 90 MHz which are used as "Supplementary Downlink (SDL)". SDL means that the entire frequency band is intended for transmissions from the base station and that these are used in combination with another band - e.g. 700 or 800 MHz. The 1500 MHz band thus provides additional downlink bandwidth and capacity. The band can be used for LTE and NR (5G).

The frequency band is divided among operators as follows (award procedure 2020):

Frequenzband 1500Mhz
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(*) The lower 10 MHz only be used to a limited extend.

For historical reasons, the 1452-1492 MHz sub-band is referred to as the "core band". The sub-bands 1427-1452 MHz and 1492-1518 MHz bands are referred to as "extension bands".

In LTE, the band is referred to as "band 75" and the "core band" is referred to as "band 32". In NR (5G), the band is referred to as "band n75", the lower 5 MHz as "band n76".