Spectrum 2300 MHz

The 2300 MHz band has been allocated worldwide for IMT under TDD (NR band n40 or LTE band 40).

The band, already in use in Asia for some time, is now being awarded in Europe as well. Because of usage in numerous countries (including China and India), the band is supported by a variety of user  devices.

The  band,  or  sub-bands  within  it,  has  already  been  assigned  in  several  European countries. Examples of assignments include

  • 60 MHz in Denmark in 2019,
  • 80 MHz in Sweden in 2021,
  • 40 MHz in the UK in 2018 and
  • 70 MHz in Slovenia in 2021.

The  band  has  been  previously  used  in  Austria  for  wireless  camera  applications  by  broadcasting companies and public-sector organisations. Sub-bands have also been used for military telemetry. In  the  best  case,  the  current  prospect  is  to  use  the  2300–2360 MHz  frequency  range,  or  60 per cent  of  the  band,  for  broadband  applications,  based  on  a  sharing  concept  (LSA  or  static geographic restrictions).  This frequency range could be awarded in 10 MHz blocks for TDD.

End of August 2019 a consultation regarding this frequency range ended. The results of the consultation are available here.

In 2021 a further consultation regarding this frequency band was conducted.

2300 5MHz Bloecke
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Frequency blocks in the 2300 MHz band
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