Coverage of communities

As part of the coverage obligations of the award of 700/1500/2100 MHz, the operators are obliged to provide coverage cadastral communities (fractions of Austrian communities).

Covered cadastral communities

The list of cadastral communities, which are already to be covered according to the obligation, can be found here. An interactive map can be found here.


The purpose of the obligation is to provide full coverage 1,702 of the 2,100 underserved cadastral communities in Austria.  

Im Rahmen dieser Versorgungsauflagen sind in den jeweiligen Katastralgemeinden drei Versorgungsziele zu erreichen:

Within the scope of these obligations three outdoor coverage goals must be achieved in the respective cadastral communities:

  • Population coverage
  • Area coverage of the settlement area ("Siedlungsraum")
  • Area coverage of the permanent settlement area ("Dauersiedlungsraum")

The list of cadastral communities relevant for selection are defined in appendix J.1 of the frequency allocation. Settlement areas and permanent settlement areas are defined in appendix appendix J.6 (GIS shape).

Anhang J1 Katastralgemeinden
Appendix J1: Cadastral communities (green means priority) © CC BY 4.0 /
Population coverage obligation
BandPopulation coverage
700 MHz
95%30 MBit/s
3 MBit/s
Area coverage obligation
700 MHz
90% of settlement area
30 MBit/s
3 MBit/s
700 MHz
75% of permanent settlement area
10 MBit/s
1 MBit/s

Selection and deadlines

The cadastral communities are selected on the basis of a pre-defined process. The deadlines for fulfilling the requirement for a specific community are an outcome of this selection process. The first cadastral communities are to be covered in summer 2022, the majority in late 2023 and late 2025.

Underserved cadastral communities

The following figure shows the cadastral municipalities by coverage index (colours red, orange and green): 

© CC BY 4.0

The green, orange and red areas represent Austria's permanent settlement area, broken down according to cadastral municipalities. Red and orange areas are poorly or moderately covered cadastral municipalities (around 25% of all cadastral municipalities). These are addressed by the coverage requirements for cadastral municipalities.

The gray, light green and yellow areas describe the non-permanent settlement area, i.e. forest and mountains. This corresponds to about 60% of the area of Austria. These areas are partially covered, but they were not the target of the obligation.