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Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) supported documentary „Erika Pluhar – Trotzdem. Mein Leben.“ – on 24 February on ORF 2

The documentary "Erika Pluhar – Trotzdem. Mein Leben" will be shown on the occasion of Erika Pluhar’s 75th birthday on ORF 2 on Monday, 24 February 2014, at 10.30 pm. The documentary, a production by EPO Film and white pepper film, was supported with the amount of EUR 32,000 (18.9 percent of overall production costs) by the Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA).

Erika Pluhar looks back on her life

In this documentary, the famous actress, singer, writer and film director Erika Pluhar looks back on her life. At the age of 20, she was the ideal of beauty for many men, at 40, she became a role model for many women, when she aged in beauty. She endured the death of her daughter and of two companions. Aging and goodbyes have become the central themes of this charismatic woman’s life. For this documentary, she steps in front of the camera one more time and once more meets the people most important to her life.
Further information about television film projects supported by the Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) as well as about the application dates 2014 are available on RTR’s website at www.fernsehfonds.at.

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