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The Subsidies

RTR Media is the largest funding agency for broadcasting (television and radio) and for television film productions in Austria. The regulatory authority KommAustria is responsible for subsidies for print media. The funding activities serve to preserve and develop media diversity and fair competition.

RTR Media has been allocated responsibility for four funds by law, which are endowed with a total of 37 million euro annually from public coffers. They are the Private Broadcasting Fund (€20 million/year), the Non-Commercial Broadcasting Fund (€3 million/year), the Digitisation Fund (€500,000/year) and the Television Fund Austria (€13.5 million/year).

The regulatory authority KommAustria is responsible for the administration and allocation of subsidies for printed media, the press subsidy and the journalism subsidy. To support the self-regulation of the press, the Fund to Promote the Self-Regulation of the Press, with an annual budget of €150,000, has also been set up at KommAustria pursuant to the Press Subsidies Act 2004. The Fund to Promote the Self-Regulation of Commercial Communication and the Fund to Promote Self-Regulation for the Protection of Minors are also administered by KommAustria and endowed with an annual budget of €75,000 each.

The objectives and guidelines for the funds and subsidies are described in detail on the relevant pages

The Subsidies

The Subsidies for self-regulatory bodies 

The Journalism subsidies

The Press subsidy

The Digitisation Fund

The Non-Commercial Broadcasting Fund

The Private Broadcasting Fund

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