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The Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) has awarded grants totalling more than EUR 15 million thus far this year

This year has been the most successful one for the Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) to date. “For projects submitted at the first three application dates, we were able to pay out grants of more than EUR 15 million, mainly to Austrian television producers. Hence a substantially larger number of television productions have been supported as compared to last year and Austrian television productions’ value creation is again on the rise”, said Alfred Grinschgl, managing director of RTR’s Media Division.
The Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) issued grant approvals for 14 out of 17 productions submitted at this year’s third application date. “We supported five television films and nine documentaries with a total amount of more than EUR 3 million. For the fourth application date on 9 October 2012, which is the last one for this year, less than EUR 500,000 of grants remain available", Mr Grinschgl continued.

More than EUR 2.6 million of grants for five television films

Among the supported television films are two productions by MONA Film Produktions GmbH, one of them is the television film “Angelique”, which is currently being filmed in Lower Austria. The production of “Angelique” was supported by the fund with EUR 800,000, the highest grant awarded for a project submitted at the third application date. From the point of view of the Austrian Television Fund “Angelique” is an exceptional film since French broadcasting companies provide substantial co-funding and the projected overall production costs amount to roughly EUR 15 million. MONA’s second production is the television film titled “Schon wieder Henriette”, a television film about a female art restorer with Christiane Hörbiger and Erwin Steinhauer in the leading roles.
Further supported television films are “Käthe Kruse” produced by EPO – Filmproduktionsgesellschaft m.b.H., “Die Frau in Mir” by FILM27 Multimedia Produktions GmbH and “Ruf der Pferde” by Berge 7 Filmproduktion GmbH.

EUR 414,500 for nine television documentaries

Supported television documentaries comprise “Food Markets – The Belly of the City” by Golden Girls Fimproduktion & Filmservices GmbH, “Ulrich Seidl und die bösen Buben” by Navigator Filmproduktion GmbH & Co KG, “Cern” by Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH, eight episodes of the fifth season of “Pfusch am Bau” and four episodes of “24 h – Die Lebensretter”, both produced by ON-MEDIA TV- und Filmproduktion GmbH, “Bekenntnisse einer Wiener Maske – Ein Portrait von Michael Haneke” by WILDart Film – Vincent Lucassen, seven episodes of “24 Stunden – Die Wega” by MABON Film GmbH, six episodes of “Im Gespräch mit André Heller” by Dor Film-Produktionsgesellschaft m.b.H. as well as four episodes of “24 Stunden – Soko Ost” by HANN Filmproduktionsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Abstracts of all the above listed projects as well as further information regarding the fourth application date are available on RTR’s website at http://www.fernsehfonds.at

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