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Usage of communication services on the internet

Internet-based communication such as Internet telephony, video telephony, video conferencing, messenger and e-mail are strongly used also in Austria. These Internet-based services compete with traditional telephony and SMS, and since the entry of application of the Telecommunications Act 2021, they are subject to the same obligations as the latter in some areas. RTR therefore collected data on the use of these communications services by means of a representative survey in July 2022.

The data show that almost two-thirds of all call minutes are now already handled via the Internet, around half of them as phone calls with video or video conferencing. Internet-based messengers have largely replaced SMS among all age groups. Nine out of ten messages are now sent via instant messenger or e-mail.

The report, the survey questionnaire, and the data collected are available below. The data is publicly accessible and usable as open data.

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