The Austrian Telecommunications Act (TKG) 2003 also assigns duties to KommAustria in the field of infrastructure regulation.

Accordingly, KommAustria is the "regulatory authority" as defined in the TKG 2003 in cases where the network or service in question is used for the purpose of transmitting broadcasting content or additional broadcasting services.

These duties include – to the extent that broadcasting is involved in each case – the receipt and confirmation of network and service notifications (general approvals), competition regulation (market definition, market analysis, imposition and enforcement of specific obligations), duties related to easements of way (definition of reference rates) and site-sharing, as well as legal supervision and dispute resolution. For telecommunications networks and services, these duties are performed by the Telekom-Control Commission and RTR's Telecommunications Division.

Moreover, Austrian broadcasting law also includes specific provisions regarding access to ORF's transmission systems and must-carry requirements in cable networks. Finally, KommAustria is responsible for administering the frequency spectrum as well as allocating frequencies and issuing permits for radio systems. The authority's duties with regard to such permits are closely linked to the issuance of broadcasting licenses.

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