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Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA): TV broadcast of supported production „Die österreichischen Roma“ on 9 November

The documentary „Die österreichischen Roma“ was supported by the Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) with EUR 11,595; this corresponds to 20% of the overall production costs amounting to EUR 57,977. It was produced by DI Helmut Potutschnig Filmproduktion (artkicks); the grant decision was taken on 1 April 2014.

First broadcast on ORF 2 on 9 November

The documentary „Die österreichischen Roma“ will be broadcast on ORF 2 on 9 November 2014 at 6:25 pm.
It shows both the past and the present of the ethnic group, covering the time span from the situation of the Romani, Sinti and Lovari during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and the First Republic to their prosecution during the Nazi regime, the treatment of those persecuted after 1945 to the official recognition of the ethnic group. The documentary also focuses on the group’s current life, in particular its culture, language and education as well as association activities.
It is the third part in a series of documentaries dedicated to ethnic groups in Austria. The first two parts also received grants from the Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) – the first part “Die Wiener Tschechen” was supported with EUR 13,400, the second part “Die burgenländischen Kroaten” received EUR 11,381.


The Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA), established at RTR, is the largest funding agency for television productions in Austria. Funding is provided for the production of television films, series and documentaries with a clearly recognizable economic reference to Austria by production companies with business premises or a branch in Austria. The Austrian federal government makes available an annual budget of EUR 13.5 million. Additional information about the Austrian Television Fund can be found at www.fernsehfonds.at.

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