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Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA): EUR 450,000 grant for „Akte Grüninger“ – First broadcast on 31 October

“Politics is the art of possibility. All too often, justice yields to the pressure of power.” (Paul Grüninger)
The television drama „Akte Grüninger“ is based on a true story. It has been produced by MAKIDO Filmproduktion GmbH in cooperation with the Swiss based C-Films AG; the production was supported by the Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) with a grant of EUR 450,000. This corresponds to 15.2% of the overall production costs amounting to roughly EUR 2 million. The grant application had been submitted by the second application date 2012; the grant decision was taken on 19 June 2012.

First broadcast of the supported production on ARTE

ARTE will first show „Akte Grüninger“ on Friday, 31 October 2014, in its prime-time programme at 8:15 pm. (reruns on 2 November, 9:30 am, and 7 November, 1.55 pm)
August 1938: Switzerland closes its borders for Jewish refugees – but police commander Paul Grüninger refuses to adhere to the instruction to send back persons in need of help, thereby risking everything …
In the leading roles are Stefan Kurt (Paul Grüninger) and Max Simonischek (als Robert Frei); Austrian actors among the cast are Cornelius Obonya, Laurence Rupp and Johannes Zeiler. Filming locations in Austria were Hohenems, Innsbruck and Hall.


The Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA), established at RTR, is the largest funding agency for television productions in Austria. Funding is provided for the production of television films, series and documentaries with a clearly discernable economic reference to Austria by production companies with business premises or a branch in Austria. The Austrian federal government makes available an annual budget of EUR 13.5 million. Additional information about the Austrian Television Fund can be found at www.fernsehfonds.at.

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