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Broadcast of "24 Stunden - SOKO Ost", a television series supported by the Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA), on ATV on Monday

The first episode of the television production “24 Stunden – SOKO Ost”, which had been supported by the Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA), was already broadcast, three further episodes are scheduled to be broadcast on ATV on Monday (14, 21 and 28 January) at 9:15 p.m. At the centre of the four-episodes series produced by Hann Filmproduktionsgesellschaft m.b.H is the police unit SOKO Ost, which has been especially set up by the federal ministry of the interior to fight crimes such as breaking and entering, car theft and human trafficking in areas close to the border. SOKO Ost operates transnationally with the aim of increasing the crime clearance rate. ATV accompanies the officials in their day-to-day operations and thus gives a realistic insight into their work.

Around EUR 110,000 for further episodes of the “24 Stunden” series

In the past, the Austrian Television Fund (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA) already supported productions of the umbrella brand “24 Stunden”, which deal with the work of the police. In 2011, six episodes of “24 Stunden – Die Polizei im Einsatz” by Hann Filmproduktionsgesellschaft m.b.H. received a grant of EUR 30,000 (16.1% of overall production costs). Seven episodes of “24 Stunden – Die Motorrad Polizei” and seven episodes of “24 Stunden – Das Unfallkommando”, both produced by Mabon Film GmbH, were supported with the amounts of EUR 41,000 (16.7% of overall production costs) and EUR 40,000 (16.4% of overall production costs).
Further information about television film projects supported by FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA and about the application dates for 2013 is available on RTR’s website at www.fernsehfonds.at.

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