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Digitization Fund

The resources of the Austrian Digitization Fund are earmarked for promoting digital transmission technologies and digital applications based on European standards in connection with broadcasting programs. The objectives and bases of the Austrian Digitization Fund are derived from the intentions of the eEurope 2005 Action Plan, which aims to accelerate the transition to digital television. The fund supports projects which upgrade and reinforce all broadcasting transmission platforms as a special part of communications infrastructure, especially in light of the central role of broadcasting in modern democratic societies.

Grants from the Austrian Digitization Fund are awarded according to technology-neutral criteria with due attention to all transmission means and platforms for digital broadcasting. From 2009 onward, the fund will be endowed with EUR 500 000 annually from Austrian broadcasting fees which are collected together with ORF programming fees but generally allocated to the federal budget.

The concept for the award of grants in the period 2006 to 2010 can be downloaded in the category "guidelines".

For further information on the Digitization Fund, please contact digifonds@rtr.at or call (+43-1) 58058-0.