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Telephone numbers

This page provides information on the administration and use of communications parameters for services offered by market participants.

Who can request a number?

In general, numbers can be requested by communications service providers which have notified RTR of a communications service pursuant to Art. 15 TKG 2003 as well as other physical persons and legal entities. In order to request subscriber numbers in the (0)718, (0)800, (0)804, (0)810, (0)820, (0)821, (0)828, (0)900, (0)901, (0)930, (0)931 and (0)939 ranges, in the range for private networks (0)5, number ranges for emergency services, special services as well as harmonised numbers with social value and operator codes in the ranges 111, 118 and in the range for short public numbers with a star, for it is not necessary to notify a communications service under § 15 TKG 2003. For further information on the requirements for number requests, please refer to the respective number ranges.

How much does it cost to request numbers?

There is no charge for the application and allocation of telephone numbers. However, we would certainly recommend that you obtain information on the costs and other terms and conditions from the desired communications network operator before requesting numbers.


How does the procedure work?

In order to request a number, it is necessary to complete the request form provided for each of the number ranges or to fill out the electronic form available via the RTR Web Interface.
Depending on the number range in question, the request must be accompanied by an excerpt from the commercial register, a copy of an official photo identification document, the appropriate realization plan, a cooperation agreement or a service notification pursuant to Art. 15 TKG 2003.
In later requests (i.e., additional numbers in a range where the applicant has already been allocated numbers), it is necessary to provide evidence of the appropriate use of the previously allocated numbers. This is generally done by means of a use notification, which is required by law and must be submitted to RTR on a regular basis.
As an alternative, number requests can also be submitted via the RTR Web Interface.
Allocations are made in the order in which completed requests are received. Where multiple requests for the same number are received on the same day, the decision is made by means of a random drawing.
Should any additional questions arise, the applicant will be informed within a few days.
Once the completed request has been received, numbers are allocated within 14 calendar days. The relevant official decision is delivered via the RTR Web Interface, by fax or by registered mail.

What are the requirements for number requests?

  • Completed request form
  • Excerpt from the commercial register, a copy of an official photo identification document, realization plan, cooperation agreement or service notification pursuant to Art. 15 TKG 2003
  • Applicants from abroad: Authorized recipient in Austria
  • For ensuing requests: Evidence of the appropriate use of previously allocated numbers  

The table below provides an overview of the parties entitled to submit requests for each number range in Austria. Detailed explanations can be found in the sections on each number range and in the KEM-V 2009.

Number rangeParties entitled to submit requests
(0)501-(0)509, (0)517, (0)57, (0)59Operators of private networks
(0)650-(0)653, (0)655, (0)657, (0)659-(0)661, (0)663-(0)699Communications network operators and service providers
(0)718, (0) 804Communications service providers
(0)720Communications service providers
(0)780Communications service providers
(0)800, (0)810, (0)820, (0)821, (0)828Communications network operators and service providers
85, 86, 87, 89Communications service providers
(0)900, (0)901, (0)930, (0)931, (0)939Communications network operators and service providers
geographical numbersCommunications service providers
10Communications service providers
111Communications service providers
118Communications network operators and service providers
1xxOrganizations as defined in the KEM-V 2009
1xx(x)Organizations as defined in the KEM-V 2009
116(xxx)Service providers which fulfill the requirements of the KEM-V 2009
*xxx(xx)Communications service providers

How quickly are numbers allocated?

As a rule, numbers are allocated within 14 calendar days after RTR receives the completed request.

What are usage notifications?

Under the TKG 2003, the regulatory authority is responsible for the efficient administration of telephone numbers and must monitor the use of those numbers, maintain a directory of value-added service providers, and provide information on the contents of the directory upon request. In order for RTR to fulfill these obligations, communications service providers are required to notify RTR regularly about numbers in use.
The right to use a number lapses automatically if the number is not notified as "in use" within at least 180 days of allocation as defined in the allocation decision.
All of the guidelines relevant to use notifications and sample documents are available under Information on use notifications.

What conditions apply to number usage?

The various number ranges serve to enable various services with various rates/charges and addressing. Accordingly, the relevant conditions will vary in each number range. In any case, we highly recommend reading the relevant articles in the KEM-V 2009 and TKG 2003.