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The Press subsidy

To promote the diversity of the press in Austria, Austrian daily and weekly newspapers can apply for financial support.

The Press Subsidies Act 2004 provides the following subsidies:

  • Distribution subsidy for daily and weekly newspapers           
  • Special subsidy for maintaining regional variety of daily newspapers           
  • Subsidies for improving quality and making papers fit for future

The target groups are:

  • Publishers of daily and weekly newspapers           
  • Associations for journalist training           
  • Journalist associations           
  • Research projects in the field of the press           
  • Associations whose sole objective is promoting reading


Funding decisions are made by KommAustria after receiving an expert opinion from the Press Subsidies Commission. The subsidies are paid in two equal instalments, with the second being paid no later than November.

Funding requirements

The funding requirements can be found in the Press Subsidies Act 2004 and the guidelines issued by KommAustria for its implementation.

The 2004 Press Subsidies Act also provides for subsidies for a representative self-regulatory body for the Austrian press.

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